Mamayoga – A Proposal

Somewhere along the way a teacher told me that yoga would change my life.  That wasn’t necessarily what I was looking for in that moment, however looking back it is clear to me that yoga doesn’t simply change ones life, it transforms it. Those who are entering the stream of teaching this ancient system of knowledge must learn how to be present with themselves in order to facilitate others through intense change. It’s a paradox.

Birth, Death & Re-Birth are life-changing, transformational experiences that many of us are unconscious (willingly, necessarily, and sometimes voluntarily) for.  Yoga gives us tools, practices, and rituals to help us move from the darkness of the unconscious to a state of greater en(light)enment.   And, always, we cycle back again to where we were before, only to see  in a completely new way……

“What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth.” Yogi Bhajan

Pregnancy & childbirth are life-changing experiences.  The way we choose to move through pregnancy and childbirth sets the stage for our child and will remains in that child’s deep unconscious for the rest of his/her life.  Being awake and aware is crucial towards delivering a healthy happy baby and creating a confident parent.

Yoga is unity, and when applied towards pregnancy & childbirth, the practices create solid bonds between mother and child .  As we learn to take better care of our own body we address the needs of the child-within at the same time.

The target audience for this course is:  yoga teachers/serious students, childbirth facilitators, doula’s, midwives, ob/gyn md, therapists, holistic counselors, spiritual advisors. However, anyone may attend.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~Rajneesh


The program is 50% lecture and 50% experiential including solitary exercises, and both small & large group experiences.

In accordance with the standards that I have personally experienced throughout my training, I intend to present a program that prioritizes the teacher/student relationship. The yama’s & niyama’s are the beginning. Creating sacred space and setting appropriate boundaries helps to  establish trust and provide safety.

Although no one can guarantee it, the opportunity for personal transformation during yoga practices are always possible and available.  This program will provide many opportunities for deep process work which is necessary to remove whatever obstacles/blockages prevent being fully present.  This program is suitable for all.  Yoga teachers who have pregnant students will gain much knowledge & information regarding the pre-natal time-of-life and how to apply this knowledge to their classes.

If you’d like more information about this program  go here.


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